Punctum Runs A Successful Live Charity Auction To Help Paralympic Athlete

1 December 2022

Punctum Auctioneers partnered with "Bez Barier Foundation" to run its first charity auction called "We Are Heading To Paris" on the 1st December 2022.  The name fully corresponds to the purpose of our event, which is to support a disabled employee, an IT technician of the Recourse social enterprise, Jirka Němec, who is fighting to participate in the Paralympics in Paris, namely in sports shooting discipline. The event took place in the Diamant Hotel in Hluboká nad Vltavou and will be followed by a similar event in 2023.


Paper Money in Leper Colonies

26th October 2021

Filip Vostal’s lecture on numerous socio-historical aspects of leprosy colonies paper currencies issuef around the globe. The lecture was a part of IBNS Education Program Series (August 2020).

Determining old Chinese non-circulating paper money’s authenticity using μ-Raman and MA-XRF spectroscopie

7th November 2021

Paper money was first used in China as early as the sixth century AD. Since that time, counterfeits have circulated in parallel with authentic paper money. After WWII the interest of art collectors in historical emergency paper money surged and counterfeiting became a complex phenomenon. In fact, the use of scientific investigation for determining the authenticity of historical paper money is still limited to few cases. In this work nine pieces of Chinese paper money (from the fourteenth to nineteenth century) were investigated by combining non-invasive MA-XRF imaging and Raman spcttroscopy. Analytical results on the paper money demonstrated how the complementary use of both non-invasive techniques can provide an excellent tool for discriminating modern materials from historical ones, allowing us to identify seven counterfeits in the set of nine investigated paper moneys.

Currently we are preparing 2nd Auction taking place on the 15th September 2022.
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